All the books have been sent to the crowdfunders

Ramon is happy !
At last! Last Friday all the books were sent to the great people that have helped the book via the crowdfunding campaign and the very early buyers (prehistoric almost.)

Without their support and the will to deliver to them The Coworking Handbook would not have shipped.

Delivering has been a bigger challenge than I ever expected. Amazon does not have any bulk buying method for “gifts” and does not allow to send freebies, so I had to buy evey single book separately on two different websites (KDP and CreateSpace). On top of it, they have a slight issue that made me have to wait for 4 minutes and 45 seconds between Kindle gift purchase. So after about 20 hours of work everything was sent and all the issues on my side solved :)

If you are one of the original backers of the handbook and have not received an email confirmation, please check your spam box for an email from me or from Amazon.