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CoworkingStats & Surveys

A central repository of coworking statistics, surveys, research paper and studies from around the world. It is organized with the two main global surveys on top, followed by national surveys, then those of coworking spaces themselves and of other related business, and then academic research on coworking.

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Emergent Research Coworking Survey


US Coworking Forecast 2018-2020

The Importance of the Social Side of Coworking





Global Coworking Survey

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Coworking in Europe 2018 (PDF)

Rare Perspectives on Coworking Space Members and Their Spaces GCUC CANADA 2018 (PDF)

Operators & Staff Members: The People Behind Coworking Spaces (PDF)

Quick Facts about the UK’s Coworking Spaces (PDF)

Coworking for Introverts & Extroverts (PDF)

The State of Coworking Spaces in 2018 (PDF)

2018 Coworking Forecast (PDF)

The State of Coworking Spaces in Asia (slides)

Impact of WeWork On Other Coworking Spaces (PDF)

Opening Coworking Spaces & The First Year Post-Launch (PDF)

Global Coworking Survey 2018 Publications

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The Members: How, When & Why Do They Work in Coworking Spaces? (slides)

The Members: Who Works in Coworking Spaces (slides)

2017 Coworking Forecast from the Global Coworking Survey (PDF)

First results of the Global Coworking Survey (PDF)

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Canada Coworking Stats 2016 (pdf)

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USA Coworking Stats 2016

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2016 Forecast and results (PDF)

Global vs Asian Results

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Preliminary results

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National and Local Surveys

Coworking spaces and other businesses

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Academic Research Papers About Coworking