Coworking Checklists

Coworking Checklists

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Welcome reader! Here’s where you will find the updated checklists and thinking aids from The Coworking Handbook to help you manage your coworking space. The documents marked with an *¬†are only available in the book:

  • Advantages of coworking
  • Basic website structure

  • Choosing a new location*
  • Choosing a lawyer*
  • Disadvantages of coworking
  • Event organization (before, during and after the event)*
  • Hiring and trainee questions*
  • Investors tracking spreadsheet
  • Journalists and influencers tracking spreadsheet
  • Surveys (members, free day try out, events, exit)*
  • Things to consider when designing your coworking space*
  • Things to keep in mind when negotiating a lease contract*

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