Coworking Checklists

Coworking Checklists

Welcome reader! Here’s where you will find the updated checklists and thinking aids from The Coworking Handbook to help you manage your coworking space. The documents marked with an * are only available in the book:

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The checklists and supporting materials of The Coworking Handbook by Ramon Suarez in this page are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  • Hello

    I have just bought your book and would really like to access the checklists as mentioned in your book but your website says that this page is a work in progress.

    Are you able to email me them please?



    • Hi Alice, I’m running late and have not uploaded them yet, sorry :( Are there any particular checklists that you are more interested in?

  • Ramon:

    I have also purchased the book. When can I expect to see the checklists? In the meantime, can you send me the lease contract checklist please?

    Thank you,

    Aaron Landau
    [email protected]

    • HI Aaron,

      I just got out of the hospital. Will get to upload the checkllists in the book asap

  • Dave Cadwallader

    Hi Ramon,

    Sorry to hear you were in the hospital. I hope all is well. I am just starting a coworking space, and would love to see the checklists even if they are just in draft state. Would you able to post what you have so far?


  • Ramon:

    Sorry to hear you were in the hospital. I hope you are feeling better.

    I, as well would like to have access to the checklists and reference materials which were indicated in your book. By the way, I LOVE your book!



  • hi there how can i get the checklist ?