37 Coworking Books & Business Readings

hardcover-book-smallThis is my personal selection of useful and interesting coworking books, essays, and readings that will help you operate a coworking space and a small businesses. I only recommend what I’ve read and really liked.  If you think that there’s an important reading missing, send me a message including: title, author, and why it is so good (if you add some key learnings, even better). You can also find my coworking book recommendations on Amazon.

Coworking books and readings

More coworking books.

Community and relationships books and readings

Business and entrepreneurship books and readings

More business and entrepreneurship books.

Marketing and sales books and readings

More marketing and sales books.

Architecture, design and usability books and readings

More design and usability books.

Productivity books and readings

More productivity books.

Self publishing books and readings

More self publishing books.

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