Coworking Benefits: The Global Movement You Should Care About

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Are you considering launching a coworking space? Do you work in one now? Maybe youve never even heard of the concept. Regardless, thats why Im writing this blog. I want to tell you more about the global movement of coworking, and how its changing the lives of so many entrepreneurs and freelancers worldwide.

Coworking brings endless benefits to coworkers. From increased productivity to happiness, and plenty in-between. However, Ive gone ahead and compiled the top ten so you can get an idea of why you should consider coworking for your business.

  1. Expedited Growth

    Coworking gives you the right environment to focus on your current and future goals while helping you be more productive.

  2. Expand Your Network

    You never know who you might meet in a co-working space. You might make some friends, you might make some professional contacts. You might make both! Coworking spaces are all about communities. The people behind these communities want to bring people together who share common interests. You might also get the chance to find new clients and grow your income, talent and people to work with, and more. By introducing yourself to others, you never know what you might achieve.

  3. No Distractions

    We all know how frustrating it can be to work in a traditional office environment and be distracted by coworkers questions the whole time. If you work from home, youre vulnerable to distractions by your family. In a coworking space, people respect your privacy - but theyre there to support you if you need it. You can crack on with work, free from distraction, and get more done, faster.

  4. Zero temptation

    Working from home is dangerous. The fridge is right there at all times, as is the pantry full of treats. By working in a coworking space, youll be forced to eat nothing but the lunch you packed for yourself. Speaking of temptation, theres also no TV to watch or cozy bed to cuddle up and nap in. Youll only be surrounded by other hard-working professionals! Coworking spaces get you out of your home (and out of your PJs) where you can work in a clean, professional environment and work like the professional you are.

  5. Stay inspired

    Its easy to feel alone when youre working from home by yourself. If you see countless people working hard around you, youll be inspired to do the same. In coworking spaces, youre usually surrounded by people from all sorts of industries, exposing you to all kinds of different ideas and ways to stay motivated. In coworking spaces, youre never alone - unlike if you were isolated at home. Youll embark on a journey with others who also go through good times and bad times!

  6. Be Creative

    By getting out of your home and surrounding yourself with more interesting people, youre more likely to tap into your creative side more of the time. Coffee breaks in coworking spaces are where the magic happens, and incredible ideas are born. You can share your ideas with others and hear their input - it could just change everything. Coworking spaces have also been found to increase self-confidence by helping you to establish a better working routine.

  7. Better work/life balance

    Insomnia isnt uncommon in people who work from home. Why? Because they cant separate home from business. By traveling to a coworking space each day, youll get into the habit of mentally isolating home from work to enjoy a better work/life balance, and of course, better sleep. Its best to switch off at the end of the day then focus on work again tomorrow. Coworking spaces help you establish and stick to a routine while still keeping to your own schedule. These spaces are designed to adapt to your needs!

  8. Better Health and Happiness

    Studies show that loneliness can literally wreak havoc on your well-being. By being in the company of others, you can recharge your physical and mental batteries. Theres something about seeing familiar friendly faces every day that make us feel good.

  9. Better Internet

    This one pretty much speaks for itself. Coworking spaces must have fast internet to cater to the needs of people across all sorts of industries - like video editors and graphic designers or animators who demand high speed and performance. Take advantage of it!

  10. Save money

    Not only will you not have to travel or sit in mind-numbing traffic, maximizing your income-producing hours, but you can also save on utility bills seeing as coworking spaces cover this expense themselves. You also never have to worry about dealing with service providers or repairs. If something goes wrong at the coworking space, they have to fix it - not you! Also, renting a coworking space is far cheaper than renting a traditional office.

Honestly, this is just the beginning - and the only way to experience the coworking difference is to try it out for yourself!

If you run a coworking space yourself or are planning to, get the complete Coworking Handbook to improve your business right away.


Jacob Sayles says:

Lately I’ve been highlighting the deep and lasting connections that occur organically at coworking spaces in contrast to forced/contrived connections at networking events and the utter lack of connection at coffee shops. We’ve also been talking more about how these connections need time to form and “acceleration” often mucks up the works. There of course is an acceleration that happens, but we make sure we don’t use language that implies we are the ones accelerating anything.

Not really sure how to put that into a bullet point. :)

Oshin Samant says:

At InstaOffice we proudly host a community of happy professionals who benefit from startup events, the frequencies of which are tailored according to their needs. Here we are trying to bring a systemic change in a way commercial real estate as an economic resource is utilized, while allowing our community members to reduce their office occupancy costs and landlord partners to earn superior rental yields. Multiple locations allow our members much-needed mobility in today’s times. It opens up a number of possibilities for them, including remote hiring, working from the closest location, having multiple small offices to address sales and customer delivery needs, among others.

indhu priyadharshini says:

Coworking spaces are actually creating startup ecosystem to catalyze the entrepreneur mind. I utilize Evoma coworking space in Bangalore love the way the community influences my mind positively. As I’m scaling up, I’m ready to get a serviced office from them in a span of 2 months.

Luis Flores says:

Im starting im my first coworking and i belive in this new format of work!!! Congrats 4 your tips!!!