Coworking Advantages: Benefits of Working in a Coworking Space

Coworking brings a lot of advantages to coworkers. Among the main benefits there’s an increase in productivity, business and happiness. So far I’ve listed 27 advantages of coworking (this is the updated list of the advantages of coworking that was originally included in The Coworking Handbook):

  1. Grow your business faster: be more productive, expand your network, receive your clients in a professional setting… Coworking spaces are made to help you grow faster.
  2. Expand your personal and professional networks: you will meet a lot of interesting people in a coworking space. Some will become friends, some will be professional contacts, some will be both.
  3. Facilitated introductions: the most important part of a coworking space is its community of members. The people running them and other coworkers look out to introduce members based on common interests and possible win wins.
  4. Find new clients and grow your income: joining a coworking space expands your network and makes it easier for you to get new clients. Make sure you introduce yourself and that your coworkers know what you do and the kind of clients you are looking for. This coworker got 25 times his membership in jobs thanks to joining a coworking space.
  5. Find talent and people to work with: you are surrounded by professionals with knowledge and networks you can tap into to find talent and feedback.
  6. Hire and be hired: coworkers tend to book other coworkers to work with them in projects. It is much easier to ask a person sitting close to you than to run an internet search and vetting process.
  7. Be more productive: get more done, faster and with lest effort.
  8. No distractions from family members: they are well intentioned, but they interrupt when they shouldn’t and this strains family relationships.
  9. No temptations from the fridge and TV: procrastination is easier to beat at a coworking space.
  10. Be more motivated to work by surrounding yourself of hardworking professionals like you: having other people around you focused in their work helps you focus in your own work more easily. Reduce effort and increase productivity.
  11. Be more creative: getting out of your home, having interesting people around you and engaging conversations will help you be more creative. There are so many ideas and projects in a coworking space community that you will be inspired.
  12. Share with soundboards that will improve your projects: the coworkers around you have a lot of experience in different fields. Talk to them to get their input and improve your own projects.
  13. Better work life balance: separate work from your home. End the cycle of days that get longer and work productivity that gets slower.
  14. Work in professional environment (get out of your home and your pajamas): work in a clean and professional environment that motivates you surrounded by other professionals.
  15. Get a professional working routine with your own schedule: adapt the use of the coworking space to your own schedule. Coworking is made to adapt to your needs.
  16. Work by yourself, not alone: focus on your own work while working with other people around you that could give you a hand if you need it or that will be open for a chat around a cup of coffee. It is a bit like if the support network of a large company was recreated with independent professionals instead of departments, and without the political backstabbing.
  17. Eliminate isolation: don’t isolate yourself at home. Be with peers that go through the same hardships and joys as you.
  18. Increase self confidence: a better working routine will increase your self confidence and make you feel better about yourself.
  19. Be healthier: being in the company of others has been shown to improve physical and mental health. Work / Life balance improves too. Getting out of your pajamas and having a welcoming place to go to every day will help you have healthier habits.
  20. Better Internet connection: why limit yourself to a home Internet connection when you can enjoy the benefits of a profesional line? Upload and download files at the fastest speed so you can focus on the work that ads value instead of waiting.
  21. Flexibility: choose a plan based on your needs and change it monthly to adapt to you. If you have a mission at a client’s or you are leaving for a trip you can just halt your membership instead on paying like with a traditional lease.
  22. Reduce your commute: if your job is far away, you can reduce your commute time and expense by joining a coworking space near your home.
  23. Complement your work from home: the flexibility of coworking spaces allows you to choose and change plans to adapt to your needs. You can work some days from home and others from one or more coworking spaces.
  24. Cost efficient: cheaper than renting an office and they come with a lot of extras like events and effortless networking.
  25. No utility bills: coworking spaces cover this expenses themselves so you can focus on your business.
  26. No dealing with service providers and repairs: another nag that you can discard. Just make sure that you pay your coworking bill and they will take care of getting everything running.
  27. And last but probably most important: happiness! Mehdi reminded me and he’s right. I’m much happier thanks to coworking and so are the people around me


Coworking has disadvantages too, but  they are very easy to address.

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Disadvantages of Coworking (and How to Reply)

Last week we published the mega-list of coworking advantages. Now it is the turn of the disadvantages. We have included some of the possible answers you can use.

  • I work better from home
    • Maybe coworking is not for you, but do you think that coming once a week could be beneficial to you?
    • How many contacts do you make at home?

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  • Noisy
    • Just like any other office
    • You can concentrate better if you use headphones
    • You can isolate yourself in a meeting room
    • Some spaces use white noise to reduce distractions
    • Some spaces have quiet rooms, more like a library

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  • Too quiet
    • It may be just that you are over worried about making noise
    • Move to another room
    • Talk with the managers and see if they can have a regular office like room
    • Get away from the noisier people

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  • Distractions
    • Put on your headphones to reduce interaction from other people
    • Isolate yourself in a meeting room
    • Educate your coworkers into how and when to interact with you

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  • Privacy and confidentiality
    • You only share what you want to share
    • Get a desk with your back to the wall and in a corner
    • Use a locker for your sensitive documents
    • Isolate yourself in a meeting room to make sensitive calls
    • Reduce the volume of your voice when talking on the phone
    • The other coworkers came to work, not to listen to you

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  • I don’t want to share my project
    • You don’t have to
  • Some people are too intense
    • Get away from them, you may even be able to move to another room
    • Tell them to leave more space for you
  • You have to pay
    • You get a lot of value for little money
    • Thera are a lot of advantages of coworking
    • If you only care about money and not about value you are not ready to cowork
  • You have to commute
    • Find a space that is close to you and that you like
  • You have to shower and brush your teeth
    • If you are filthy, nobody will want to be around you
    • It will improve your self confidence and the image you project about yourself

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What would you add?