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How to claim your Kindle ebook if your reader is linked to a different Amazon store country

Amazon helps us all with a single login for all their stores, but then they make things more complicated by not sharing the items sold on each one of them. When you buy something in their .com store you will not see it in your .es, .ca or any other international Amazon store. To make […]

All the books have been sent to the crowdfunders

At last! Last Friday all the books were sent to the great people that have helped the book via the crowdfunding campaign and the very early buyers (prehistoric almost.) Without their support and the will to deliver to them The Coworking Handbook would not have shipped. Delivering has been a bigger challenge than I ever […]

Thanks to the backers

Thanks to the early supporters of the Coworking Handbook. Without them this manual would not have seen the light. Before doing the crowdfunding campaign, the book was on sale on a very simple one page webpage. the first person to jump in and support the book was a former betacoworker: Roland Zwaga.   He was […]