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How to claim your Kindle ebook if your reader is linked to a different Amazon store country


Amazon helps us all with a single login for all their stores, but then they make things more complicated by not sharing the items sold on each one of them. When you buy something in their .com store you will not see it in your .es, .ca or any other international Amazon store.

To make things even more complicated you can only buy kindle ebook gifts from the country of your Amazon Kindle reader account. As a result of this policy it becomes a bit messy to gift and claim Kindle ebooks in our global economy, but it is not impossible!

I asked Amazon support for their step by step instructions and this is what they said:

  1. Select the Settings tab.

  2. Under Country Settings click on “Change”.

  3. Enter or select an existing international address, and click Update.

  4. Once updated, a notification will appear at the top of the Manage Your Content and Devices page. Click “Learn more about transferring to Amazon.[.co.uk / .de / .es / .it / .fr / .ca / .co.jp / .com.br / .in / .com.au].”

  5.   Click “Transfer your Kindle account to Amazon.[.co.uk / .de / .es / .it / .fr / .ca / .co.jp / .com.br / .in / .com.au]” to complete the migration. You’ll be notified of the changes being made to your Amazon account when you transfer it to another Amazon website.

You can migrate your account from one country to other and back. However, if a book is not available for a particular country it will not be accessible even after claiming it.

For most of you this would mean changing the country of your account to USA (Amazon.com).

I hope this post can help you all claim your copy of The Coworking Handbook.

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All the books have been sent to the crowdfunders

Ramon is happy !

At last! Last Friday all the books were sent to the great people that have helped the book via the crowdfunding campaign and the very early buyers (prehistoric almost.)

Without their support and the will to deliver to them The Coworking Handbook would not have shipped.

Delivering has been a bigger challenge than I ever expected. Amazon does not have any bulk buying method for “gifts” and does not allow to send freebies, so I had to buy evey single book separately on two different websites (KDP and CreateSpace). On top of it, they have a slight issue that made me have to wait for 4 minutes and 45 seconds between Kindle gift purchase. So after about 20 hours of work everything was sent and all the issues on my side solved :)

If you are one of the original backers of the handbook and have not received an email confirmation, please check your spam box for an email from me or from Amazon.

Thanks to the backers

Thanks to the early supporters of the Coworking Handbook. Without them this manual would not have seen the light.

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Before doing the crowdfunding campaign, the book was on sale on a very simple one page webpage. the first person to jump in and support the book was a former betacoworker: Roland Zwaga.


All hail Roland!


He was followed by 12 more backers including: Jürgen De Smet, Marina Evaristo, Marina Aubert, Tiina Vainio, Miguel Albizu, and Marc Navarro (the rest did not want to disclose their name.)
A big thanks goes also to the 159 crowdfunding campaign backers on Indiegogo. They gave the strong signal needed to dedicate even more time to the project and to manage the funding for the English and Spanish editions.

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