We have taken this week off

Bobby Bowden relaxing with Charlie Ward's Heisman trophy: Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee

You may be wondering why we’ve been so quiet this last few days after last week’s sprint. Well, we are taking a break from writing, we have two coworking spaces to run!

Last week we managed to get most of the first draft of our coworking how-to guide and a couple chapters have gonne out to our subscribers. Feedback is coming and we are also hooked on thinking how to improve what we have already written.

What’s coming next? We are finishing up what is missing next week and work on the feedback and redrafting. We will continue to release materials by email and through our website.  Bits of wisdom continue to be shared through our Facebook and Twitter, from us and from some of the many interesting people that are running coworking spaces around the world.

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