Popular Highlights and First Chapter of The Coworking Handbook

This is one of the features I really like about using a Kindle: popular highlights. A lot of users, like myself, have agreed to share their highlights on the books and Amazon aggregates them to show the popular ones. It is a great way to skim a book and to see interesting stuff about it, even before reading.

These are the popular highlights of The Coworking Handbook:

Popular Highlights

  1. The design of the space is not so important—what matters are the people who populate it and their interactions. This is what makes or breaks a coworking space.

    10 Highlighters
  2. A community is not just a network. Community is not just a group of people that work under the same roof. A community is based on experience, participation, responsibility and relationships.

    7 Highlighters
  • Without a community of members and operators that has the right dynamics, the only value of your coworking space will be exactly that: the space.

    7 Highlighters
  • It is part of their job to help connect people, to build trust, and to reduce friction (to make it easier to connect), so that more exchanges can happen more easily.

    5 Highlighters
  • Keep on looking for ways to help people, to connect them, to propose opportunities, and create events that will make it easier for these situations to occur.

    5 Highlighters

Not only that, the page also includes a button to easily read the preface by Tony Bacigalupo and the first chapter of The Coworking Handbook on your computer’s screen: