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Disadvantages of Coworking (and How to Reply)

Last week we published the mega-list of coworking advantages. Now it is the turn of the disadvantages. We have included some of the possible answers you can use.

  • I work better from home
    • Maybe coworking is not for you, but do you think that coming once a week could be beneficial to you?
    • How many contacts do you make at home?

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  • Noisy
    • Just like any other office
    • You can concentrate better if you use headphones
    • You can isolate yourself in a meeting room
    • Some spaces use white noise to reduce distractions
    • Some spaces have quiet rooms, more like a library

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  • Too quiet
    • It may be just that you are over worried about making noise
    • Move to another room
    • Talk with the managers and see if they can have a regular office like room
    • Get away from the noisier people

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  • Distractions
    • Put on your headphones to reduce interaction from other people
    • Isolate yourself in a meeting room
    • Educate your coworkers into how and when to interact with you

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  • Privacy and confidentiality
    • You only share what you want to share
    • Get a desk with your back to the wall and in a corner
    • Use a locker for your sensitive documents
    • Isolate yourself in a meeting room to make sensitive calls
    • Reduce the volume of your voice when talking on the phone
    • The other coworkers came to work, not to listen to you

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  • I don’t want to share my project
    • You don’t have to
  • Some people are too intense
    • Get away from them, you may even be able to move to another room
    • Tell them to leave more space for you
  • You have to pay
    • You get a lot of value for little money
    • Thera are a lot of advantages of coworking
    • If you only care about money and not about value you are not ready to cowork
  • You have to commute
    • Find a space that is close to you and that you like
  • You have to shower and brush your teeth
    • If you are filthy, nobody will want to be around you
    • It will improve your self confidence and the image you project about yourself

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What would you add?