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Coworking Will Grow After the Coronavirus

Yes, it is hard to believe now when we are immersed in the full of the covid-19 crisis and dealing with quarantines around the world. These are hard times for coworking and flexible working spaces, but if they manage to hold on business will be better than before.


Basically due to two factors:

  • Most (if not all) workers and businesses have now tested working remotely.
  • They will need more productive environments in the future.
  • A lot of people will be forced into becoming freelance and entrepreneurs due to unemployment and the economic crisis.

Remote working experience

This crisis has been a great testing ground for a lot of workers and employers to try remote working. Now they know it, it is no longer an unknown to fear, and they understand better the pros and cons of coworking. Thanks to it a lot more people will be working remotely, from homes, caf├ęs, and flexible working spaces (coworking, business centers, etc.) because it will be much easier to justify and the former fears will not hold.

Need for more productive working environments

Because businesses and workers understand the problems that working from home brings to productivity and work-life balance, a lot will be prioritizing environments that will have a positive impact on lives and bottom lines. They will need more productive environments, such as coworking spaces.

Work, not jobs

Unfortunately, the economic crisis coming out of this health crisis is going to destroy a lot of jobs and businesses. This is going to accelerate something we are experiencing and I’ve been announcing for a while: there’ll be work but less jobs. More people will be forced into becoming contractors and creating solo or micro businesses, the core of the clients of coworking spaces.

What do you think will happen?