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I got tired of looking for links in my bookmarks and with Google and not having a central repository. I know that there are a lot of people having the same issues, so I decided to create and maintain these lists of coworking resources:

The link to the “list of lists” with these lists and all that may be included in the future is:

They have a lot of good links and references in them, but they are not perfect. If there’s anything that you think should be included please let me know :) If you think that they are useful, share them !

Coworking Business Model Canvas

The business model of coworking

The business model of coworking is not that complicated, in fact we will even provide it to you right away. Keep in mind however that you are the master of your business and you will decide to put the accent on one part or the other, which will change the outcome and rationale, and also your actions.

A business model is the representation of the structure of your business, taking into consideration your clients and products or services. It comprises the fundamentals of your business and the reasoning for them. It is a tool to help you understand your business and the relationships among key elements of it.

Here’s our proposal for a coworking business model canvas, following Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur’s Business Model Generation book and canvas:

Key Partners

  • Internet Service Provider

  • Landlord

  • Investors/bankers

  • Influencers

Key Activities

  • Introductions and facilitation

  • Community building

Value Proposition

  • Professional environment and network

  • Increased productivity

  • Life work balance

  • Flexibility

  • Cost efficiency

Customer Relationships

  • Facilitation & Networking

  • Community

  • Face to face

  • Online

Customer Segments

  • Freelance professionals

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Teleworkers

Key Resources

  • Good Internet connection

  • Professional premises

  • Meeting room


  • Website

  • Events

  • Social Media

  • Email

  • PR

Cost Structure

  • Rental

  • Utilities

  • Personnel

  • Marketing

  • Maintenance

  • Legal

Revenue Streams

  • Coworking plans (flexible or fixed)

  • Events

  • Meeting rooms

What would you change? What is missing?

If you make your own canvas, share it with everybody in the comments. You can do the same part of the business as we did here or concentrate in other aspects, like events or services.

PS: the table is so big and our knowledge of html so small that we had to remove the sidebar in this post.