Coworking Bookcamp!

The @cohandbook writing monks in @workINcompany: @jaimearanda & @ramonsuarez

Jaime and I are secluded at workINcompany in Seville to finish writing our manual for coworking space owners and managers. Work is progressing good and we are enjoying the beauty of the city. At least for me, as the alien in town, it is quite inspiring. The bookcamp has given good results in its first day, and I’ve also had the time to enjoy the food and to get to know a bunch of interesting coworkers.

The book is progressing and we will start releasing chapters into the wild tomorrow. They will be sent only to the VIP supporters that have already bought the book or that have signed up for the Coworking Handbook newsletter.

These are reviewed first drafts, an alpha version of the book. We want feedback to improve it, and those that cooperate the most/best will see their names in the book and may be included in the testimonials.

Talking about testimonials: that is a part of the book you will not see yet. We will work on them once the full first draft of the book is finished and we can contact other coworking space owners and managers we appreciate and admire to get their insight on specific points.

We have also launched a new Facebook page for the book. Click on Like and share it!

More to come, signup to be updated!

Starting the Coworking Handbook blog


Today is the day.

We have finally decided to launch a full fledged blog after a few months of happy life at Checkthis. Jaime and I are working hard on the book and our coworking spaces to bring you the best practical knowledge available in our community, a large international community of managers and owners of coworking spaces and collaborative initiatives that share and learn from the successes and failures of each other.

Our main purpose with this blog is to have meaningful exchanges about coworking and how to run a successful cowoking space; what to do and what not to do; highlight profiles of interesting people and espaces; and contribute to the progress of coworking as an industry and business that does much more than just business.

Today we have also sent our first newsletter to our first 12 initial backers, our co-apostles that have stepped forward to show their support for the Coworking Hanbook.

If you want to be up to date, you should follow Coworking Handbook on Twitter and sign up to the Coworking Handbook Newsletter.

So, what is happening with the book? Here’s a little tip:

Looking forward to hearing from you !