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We have taken this week off

You may be wondering why we’ve been so quiet this last few days after last week’s sprint. Well, we are taking a break from writing, we have two coworking spaces to run! Last week we managed to get most of the first draft of our coworking how-to guide and a couple chapters have gonne out […]

Check Your Mailbox For “Legal, Coworking and the Law”

We have just released another chapter of the Coworking Handbook to all the people subscribed to our site. This time is Legal: Coworking and the Law and it gives pointers for legal aspects of coworking businesses. Because of the huge differences in laws across the globe it contains general advise and things to keep in mind. […]

Progress and Sections of the Coworking Handbook

Here’s the latest update on the progress of the book: Chapters are progressing good. One has already been shared with the subscribers for feedback and received positively. The next draft chapter will go out today to subscribers only. We have figured out the issue with Google Docs: it always shares the emails of all the […]

The draft of the first chapter has been sent to our subscribers!

We are not sure about being emotionnally ready for your criticism, but knowing the coworking crowd like we do, I’m sure it will be very interesting and constructive feedback! The invitations have been sent directly from Google Docs, so they will not be pretty. Can’t find this email invitation? Check your spam box. If you […]

Coworking Bookcamp!

Jaime and I are secluded at workINcompany in Seville to finish writing our manual for coworking space owners and managers. Work is progressing good and we are enjoying the beauty of the city. At least for me, as the alien in town, it is quite inspiring. The bookcamp has given good results in its first […]