Author: Ramon Suarez

Tech startups, entrepreneurship, & coworking; @Betacowork founder; Coworking Handbook author; @startupsbe &; board member; @hsbxl noob; blogger; chocolate ambassador; Brussels lover. Connect on Twitter and Google+.

New Coworking Handbook PDF

Download the PDF of the Coworking Handbook to set up and improve your coworking space business, community and marketing.

A Course to Grow Your Coworking Space Community

If you are having trouble with your coworking space community this course will help you fix them.

Coworking Is Dead

Coworking as a name is dead and we have all contributed to it. The practice continues strong in a select group of coworking spaces dedicated to helping their members and not just providing a hot desk.

Free Coworking Community Webinar

Get your questions answered and improve running your coworking space with Ramon Suarez, author of The Coworking Handbook and founder of Betacowork.

Coworking Community Course Outline Draft

I’ve started preparing my online coworking community course following the videos provided by Udemy (kudos to them, awesome onboarding experience with he Setting Your Goals and Making Your Course Outline video courses). This is the first draft of the outline of the course. Please let me know what you would like to include in the […]