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New Chapters Coming to You!

The Best Chocolate Cake in Brussels: Patisserie Vermeulen. A True Treat!We have just released the Community draft, and previously this week we sent you the Finance chapter.  What a treat!

If you did not receive them:

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  2. Did you check your email spam just in case?

We are now working on a crowdfunding campaign to be launched for Coworking Europe, with a special deal for those days only. If you want to learn about best practices and to get a lot of answers to coworking management questions you should attend, we wil :)

Until then, we will continue to release materials by email and through our website.

More coworking knowledge, facts and news will be released via  Facebook and Twitter.

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Check Your Mailbox For “Legal, Coworking and the Law”

We have just released another chapter of the Coworking Handbook to all the people subscribed to our site.

This time is Legal: Coworking and the Law and it gives pointers for legal aspects of coworking businesses. Because of the huge differences in laws across the globe it contains general advise and things to keep in mind. This is a short chapter so you should all be able to contribute a lot with your feedback ;)


We want to thank you all for your contributions and for your engagement in our Facebook and Twitter. In just two days we have passed the 300 barrier on both of them! Our first milestone where the first 12 apostles that bought the book, now we have our 300 coworking Spartans, what will be our next literary goal?


Progress and Sections of the Coworking Handbook

Here’s the latest update on the progress of the book:

  1. Chapters are progressing good. One has already been shared with the subscribers for feedback and received positively.
  2. The next draft chapter will go out today to subscribers only.
  3. We have figured out the issue with Google Docs: it always shares the emails of all the people that you share the document with in CC. We will not share it like this any more. You will receive a link sent with our newsletter tool to protect your privacy.
  4. These are the chapters we are working on:
  • Introduction
  • What is Coworking
  • Community
  • Space
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Annexes with check lists and questionnaires.

What is missing?

The draft of the first chapter has been sent to our subscribers!

We are not sure about being emotionnally ready for your criticism, but knowing the coworking crowd like we do, I’m sure it will be very interesting and constructive feedback!

The invitations have been sent directly from Google Docs, so they will not be pretty. Can’t find this email invitation? Check your spam box.

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