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New Coworking Handbook PDF

Download the PDF of the Coworking Handbook to set up and improve your coworking space business, community and marketing.

Coworking Handbook on Kindle for $9.99 (@GCUCKC special)

The Coworking Handbook is now available on Amazon Kindle with a special limited time offer to celebrate the Global Coworking Unconference Conference GCUC. Find it in your country’s Amazon store: US IN UK DE FR ES IT JP BR CA MX AU Greetings from Chicago’s airport!  

Coworking Handbook for Sale on CreateSpace

The Coworking Handbook paper edition is now available on CreateSpace. All other Amazon shops around the world will follow up within the next 7 days (including the Kindle version.)

Final Version Under Review

That’s it, the final review of The Coworking Handbook is underway, with the one change that Amazon Create Space demanded (we had to change some fonts in the cover) and some layout changes that I’ve done in the meantime which have augmented the page number and forced Pascal to do some extra work for his […]

Start the Presses! The Coworking Handbook Arrives!

Finally, after so many months of work, the Coworking Handbook is on its way to the printer. I have just submitted it to Amazon for approval. If everything goes well, the OK should arrive within the next 24 hours. Next steps: craft the Kindle version as soon as I get the approval (I cannot do […]