Great Coworking Job Postings

Our friends from New Work City have published a great coworking job posting that we thought merits to be kept as a reference for other spaces. If you have any postings that you think are worth sharing, please add them in the comments so that everybody has access.

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Help us Run an Amazing
Community of Independents

Were looking for someone whos excited to meet an incredible and diverse group of people, learn how to manage a space and community, and help us make the world a little awesomer together.

Who are we?

Were New Work City, a coworking space and community center for independents. Operating from our 4,700 square foot loft on Broadway at Canal Street, were home to a passionate and diverse group of people who gather to share space and collaborate. Whether technical or non-technical, startup or freelancer, were all united by a shared set of values and the freedom to choose where, when, and why we work.

Built from the ground up as a grassroots effort, we think of the business as something that serves the community and not the other way around. To that end, we focus our energy on maximizing positive impact for ourselves, each other, and the rest of the world. You can learn more about us here:

Who are you?

You care. Were here to make the world a better place in our own way, and thats important to you.

You love making new friends. You cant wait to get to know every person who walks in the door. Youre curious to learn about all the exciting things everyone is working on, and have an eye for connecting people who should know each other.

Youre reliable. You can stick to a schedule, respond to things in a timely fashion, and remember things that need remembering.

Youre great at communication. You have excellent people and writing skills and can handle a confusing situation with aplomb.

You like things neat. Youre not necessarily a neat freak, but you keep things tidy.

What will you do?

Youll make sure everybody who walks in the door has the awesomest day ever. More than anything else, members get the most out of New Work City when they participate. Youll ensure everyone is integrated into the community and actively involved in whats going on.

Youll help run the space. Youll staff the front desk during standard business hours, opening up in the morning and sticking around until the end of the business day every day. Youll welcome members, give tours, and generally keep things humming along. Youll help keep the space fully functional and organized by ensuring the space is well supplied and in order.

Youll help shape our future. New Work City has come a long way, and it has a long way to go. The direction it takes and the awesome things its community will do represent an incredible opportunity for the person who seizes it.

What will you get?

Youll get to know some tremendous people. Our members are a dynamic, successful, remarkable bunch. If youre new to New York or just looking to meet new people, you will not find a better opportunity to meet a great group of people.

Youll have fun. Part of the point of New Work City is to give people the ability to enjoy their lives while also getting their work done. To ensure everyone else is having a good time, youll have to be having a good time yourself as well!

Youll have an opportunity to be a part of something important. In just a short few years, the world of coworking has exploded from a handful of communities to countless hundreds around the world. As you work with us, you will be exploring new ways to help shape the way people think about how they work and live. How much of an impact you have on the future is entirely up to you.

Are you beyond excited? Did you skip past some of that middle part just to see where you can go to apply? Look no further!