kindle-book-smallThe Coworking Handbook is a practical guide to open, grow, and  manage a successful coworking space. It responds to essential questions like:

  • Are you opening a new coworking space and need help activating the community?
  • Are you starting to plan your business and don’t know where to start or what to look for?
  • Do you want to know if your collaborative working business can be profitable and sustainable over time?
  • Do you need to get your marketing going and don’t know where to start?
  • Sales are not where you would want them to be after weeks of running the space?
  • Are you looking to go beyond the theory and philosophy of coworking?
  • Do you want to put coworking into practice?

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There is a lot of theory out there, well thought through and beautifully presented, but  it does not help to open or run a coworking space.

We want to help you in a practical way, step by step, covering every aspect of the management of your space: marketing and sales, community activation, administration and finance…

The best way of learning is from other people going through the same up and downs as you, who have real experience with the issues that matter. We know we are not gods, nor do we want to be, so we will be exchanging practices and proposals with the community all along the drafting of this book, just like we have been doing since we started thinking about opening our own coworking space.

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I have already created a successful coworking space in Brussels (Belgium) with a large, hyperactive, and motivated community. Jaime Aranda brings his insight as cofounder of a space in Seville (Spain). Learn from our mistakes, so you can avoid them, and from our successes, so you can emulate them.

If you have been at the Global, European, and Spanish conferences you have seen our presentations and probably also discussed with us how to improve things: we share our knowledge and are always looking into learning and putting in practice what we learn.
We know that what really matters is doing. We want to help you to do more, faster, and better, with the support of a helpful team.