37 Coworking Books & Business Readings

hardcover-book-smallThis is my personal selection of useful and interesting coworking books, essays, and readings that will help you operate a coworking space and a small businesses. I only recommend what I’ve read and really liked.  If you think that there’s an important reading missing, send me a message including: title, author, and why it is so good (if you add some key learnings, even better). You can also find my coworking book recommendations on Amazon.

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Coworking books and readings

More coworking books.

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Community and relationships books and readings

Business and entrepreneurship books and readings

More business and entrepreneurship books.

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Marketing and sales books and readings

More marketing and sales books.

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Architecture, design and usability books and readings

More design and usability books.

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Productivity books and readings

More productivity books.

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Self publishing books and readings

More self publishing books.

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Selected blog posts, articles and lists

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